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We Need Your Gently-Used Shoes!

  • Go through your closets and garage and collect gently-used shoes you no longer wear.
  • Where you have one or many pair of shoes, every pair matters, send us a note here, with the number of shoes you want to donate and if you live in the USA, we will send you a free shipping label.
  • All you need is a box and shoes. They can be new or gently used, any style or size. Make sure you have both shoes! They will be worn by someone else in the world one day.
  • Do you belong to a club, organization, have a big family, or an active neighborhood? It is easy to set up a larger drive. Les us know and we will help you with how to communicate your OWN Leave a GOOD Footprint Project!

Raising Awareness Nationally

Did you know that over 100 million shoes wind up in U.S.A landfills annually? It can take hundreds of years for materials in our shoes to break down. Leave a Good Footprint programs puts reuse in front of recycling. Let's not take our resources for granted nationally. Did you know that there are community gardens that are very successful from California to Florida? Did you know that there are areas in the U.S.A. that have drinking water resources depleting to threatening levels?

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Giving Globally

Not only do the local communities benefit, and our landfills are reduced from strain, but these shoes are deployed globally to areas of great needed. Together we can reduce emissions by growing our own foods, and we can raise funds for much-needed water resources and sanitation programs across the world.